Thank You.

May Day 2018 was an incredible success and a powerful show of solidarity for the struggles of the working class in D.C., the U.S., and around the world. To everyone who participated, who helped us organize, who cheered us on: thank you.

Our struggles exist every day, and so we must continue to build towards a better future every day. Join us again for May Day in 2019, but in the meantime, please get involved with our organizations or our partners and continue the fight for workers and for all oppressed people.

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About the Festival

For the rich, every day is a holiday. The corporate bosses enjoy lives of comfort and security by exploiting our labor, debt, and hardship. May Day is OUR holiday. A day for the working class to come together and recognize the achievements of our labor, and continue the fight for a better future.

May Day is historically significant for workers all over the world. DC’s workers have upheld a proud tradition of celebrating May Day for over 40 years. This year, we want May Day to be bigger than ever. We want to showcase the organizations that are fighting for working people and for our communities in the DMV area. To do that, we are having a festival on May Day highlighting speakers, musical acts, artists, and the incredible local organizations.

Here in the DC metro area, we’ve watched as our local government serves corporations such as Amazon– one of the richest companies in the world and a terrible employer — rather than investing in our crumbling infrastructure or providing services for our residents. We’ve watched as utility bills skyrocket with no explanation, forcing churches and social services to shut down, while large developers encroach on our historically black and working-class neighborhoods. We’ve watched as our education system has failed our children, while the children of the powerful receive preferential treatment.

On May 1st we ask you to stand with us regardless of race, religion or immigration status against corporations and corrupt politicians. The day has come for solidarity. Celebrate International Workers’ Day with the working class!

On Tuesday, May 1st, 2018, we will unite for a festival to:

Demand Political Power for the Working Class – We call on all workers to organize their workplaces and communities to take political power from the banks, corporations, political parties, and politicians of the 1%.

Smash Racism, Sexism, and Fascism – We stand united against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia, anti-semitism and Islamophobia – the tools used by capitalists and politicians to divide, suppress, and intimidate our communities.

Stop Mass Deportations – We demand an end to racist deportation policies and travel bans. Corporate profiteering, a corrupt and ineffectual political class, and the police state are the driving forces behind our economic and physical insecurity.

End Mass Incarceration – We demand an end to militarized and racialized policing, which overwhelmingly criminalize and incarcerate the poor and people of color, protect the interests of corporations and banks, and stifle protest and political dissent.

Oppose Imperialist War – We demand an end to US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, and Libya, an end to US military expansionism, and US support for tyranny, apartheid, and violence abroad.

Defend the Earth and its Resources – We demand an end to the commodification of the planet’s natural resources which threaten to destroy our natural environment and the health and safety of all living organisms.

Fight for Health Care, Education, and a Living Wage for All – We demand universal healthcare, quality education, and a living wage for all as human rights, not as products for the enjoyment of the wealthy and the profiteering of the 1%

Festival Program

We’re excited to present our programming lineup for the 2018 DC May Day Festival! With speeches from local activists, organizers and rank-and-file workers, our goal is to provide a comprehensive account of the struggles and threats that affect us all, here in the metro DC area as well as globally. We’ll also have musical performances by the DC Labor Chorus and ResistanceBEATS, in addition to local food trucks, lawn games and activities for children and adults alike.

5:00 PM Festival Opening Remarks
5:10 PM Candace Wolf – History of May Day
5:20 PM Yasmina Mrabet and tenants from Brookland Manor
5:30 PM DC Labor Chorus – Musical Performance
5:50 PM Intermission / ResistanceBEATS
6:00 PM Eleanor Goldfield – Poetry Reading
6:10 PM Worker from Good Jobs Nation
6:20 PM Eugene Puryear (Movement 4 Black Lives)
6:30 PM DC Labor Chorus – Musical Performance
6:45 PM Intermission / ResistanceBEATS
7:00 PM Brian Becker (ANSWER Coalition)
7:10 PM Worker from CASA
7:20 PM Rev. Graylon Hagler (Poor People’s Campaign)
7:30 PM Cosita – Son Jarocho Music
7:55 PM Festival Closing Remarks


Partners and Sponsors

DC May Day is about workers and the working class, and it’s also about the organizations in the DMV area fighting for the issues that affect us. We are proud to have the following organizations as partners and sponsors of our festival. You can find more information about each organization at their tables at the festival.

History of May Day

On May 1, 1886, thousands of workers across the US walked off their jobs to demand an eight-hour work day. The bosses and their lackeys in the White House, Congress, and local governments, did not recognize the workers’ demand and – as they have done countless times before and since – set out to violently repress the peaceful demonstrations of striking laborers. Across the country, workers and their families were brutally assaulted, imprisoned, and murdered by soldiers, police and hired thugs. On May 4, 1886 in Chicago, a clash between police officers and workers in Haymarket Square left scores dead and wounded. In one of the gravest miscarriages of justice in US history, four labor leaders were held responsible for the violence and executed by the state. In 1890 labor activists, socialist, anarchists and leftists began commemorating the memory of those brave workers by celebrating May 1st as International Worker’s Day. This is our day to recognize the struggle and heroic sacrifices of the international labor movement. Come celebrate with us!

For more information on the history of May Day, please visit

As long as the struggle of workers against the capitalist class continues, as long as all our demands are not met, as long as all people do not have equal rights and equal opportunity, we will continue to fight.

‘Workers of all countries unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains; you have a world to win!’

Get Involved

Want to find out how you can help organize for May Day in the DC area? Contact us using the form below, or email us directly at to come join us as we prepare for our massive May Day rally and march.

We’re always looking for help with:

  • Artwork – Posters, banners, puppets, whatever you can imagine
  • Outreach – Spread the word, and help us coordinate with workers across the DMV to ensure they can participate without fear of retribution
  • Logistics – Planning a rally is lots of work, and there’s lots to do. Help us plan, or just come lend a hand.

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Who We Are

The DC May Day Steering Committee is a coalition of workers committed to the struggle of building a better world. We have the support of several amazing organizations, including: